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MetalCrash Festival 2017

Gießen, Germany, 07.10.2017

On October 7, the Metalcrash Festival took place at the Giessen exhibition hall, and as a special feature only German bands, mainly from the South, were on stage.

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Mercury Falling from Hessia started the afternoon with an energetic performance, followed by an unremarkable performance of Spitefuel from Heilbronn.

As next act the German Powermetal band Rebellion entered  the stage and presented a compelling promotion not only for their last album, “Wyrd bið ful aræd – The History of the Saxons”.
Above all, the hard, powerful singing more than once made me think of a German version of Sabaton.

Mystic Prophecy faced a well filled hall with about 1,000 spectators and the Bavarians provided the first real highlight, supported by a loyal fan base. The band around singer Roberto Liapakis, who somehow reminded of Lemmy with his hat and beard, convinced with hard but also catchy metal and delivered a magnificent “Ravenlord” and “Metal Brigade” with the crowd joining in singing. So it did not matter much that the final “Paranoid” was defeated by sound engineering.

At 9 pm, Kissin Dynamite was on the stage, and as usual the Swabians made a convincing performance with catchy songs, an entertaining stage show with a lot of fog and simply a guarantee for entertainment and a good mood.

Naturally they played “Living in the Fastlane”, the bonustrack of the limited edition of their last album “Generation Goodbye”, which in the southern part of Germany has become a radio hit.

The audience went wild, possibly more than with the headliner, but this may be a side effect of the one-liter beer mugs, which were sold in a remarkable number.

At a late hour, Primal Fear with the old master Mat Sinner finished the evening and their performance was worthy of a headliner. The man with the best haircut of the night, singer Ralf Scheeper, was in good form and delivered convincingly, among others, “In metal we trust”, “Rulebreaker” and, of course, “Metal forever”.

In between, there was even a drum solo and after three encores (“Running in the dust”, “Rollercoaster” and “The sky is burning”) the gig closed with roaring applause.

Metalcrash 2017 was a complete success, I hope it will continue in 2018 and I can recommend to everyone to meet me there next year for a nice evening with pretty good music.


photos by Lorkkinnen


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