Accept – The Rise Of Chaos

Label: Nuclear Blast  Playing Time: 47 min  Release: 04th August 2017

Since the comeback with the new vocalist Mark Tornillo in 2010, Accept have released their 4th studio album already. If someone ever doubted the seriousness of Accept’s latest career attempt, he was belied by the high class albums „Blood of Nations“, „Stalingrad“ and „Blind Rage“. Wolf Hoffmann, Peter Baltes and their sidekicks definitely tasted blood again and they still have a lot to say.

Concerning the album title, Accept do still have a lot to say in 2017. But no wonder, the world is weird and chaotic enough to bear a lot of stories. An impression of that can be found in lyrics like ‚Koolaid‘, ‚Worlds Colliding‘ and ‚Race to Extinction‘. But there is also a clear contrast: ‚Analog Man‘ is a quite funny song.

But more important than the lyrics is the music. It is well-known that Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes know how to write great songs. So it is no wonder that there is no bad song on „Rise of Chaos“. However, the real highlights that can compete with the great back catalogue of Accept are sparse. ‚Die By The Sword‘, ‚No Regrets‘ and ‚What’s Done Is Done‘ are such highlights. As I mentioned already, the other songs on „The Rise of Chaos“ are something between solid and good, but no matches for the classics, neither from the 1980s nor from 2000 onwards. In addition, some variation is missing on the album, something that takes the foot from the accelerator and offers a short break with calmer tunes. Something like ‚Shadow Soldiers‘ or ‚From The Ashes We Rise‘.

All in all „The Rise of Chaos” has turned out a good album, but it is weaker than its predecessor „Blind Rage“.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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