Club INFEKTIO: Cygnosic, Rave The Reqviem, Seraphim System 

Helsinki, April 29, 2017 – guest author and photos: Maria Levin   – interactive gallery below!
CLUB INFEKTIO is a crew of great people who organize Goth-EBM-industrial-cyber-electro parties and gigs, and they are among the best organizers ever. Everything is always set up very professionally: amazing lights around the entire club to create atmosphere, crazy monumental decorations for every party, perfect timing, great technical equipment. This time INFEKTIO brought to Helsinki 3 powerful bands. I can’t even find words to describe all the wild beauty of the event, the musicians and DJs.

The first band Seraphim System were very mystical and meditative. The whole stage looked like an altar, when the two guys from Seraphim System appeared, one masked, one in a long coat, standing still in front of the audience while the deep intro was playing. They both looked like ancient gods drowning in red lights and fog. But suddenly the image turned into a rebel dance of a demon. Masterful industrial beats and John Stancil (the main singer) shook the air with emotional screams and expressive movements. The entire show was like a raging theater of two mysterious figures on the stage telling us their dark story, filled with strange mix of industrial, aggrotech, power noise and drum’n’bass. I was so impressed I felt out of the real world and even forgot to pay attention of what was going on in the audience!   Bandwebsite

The second band who came to the stage after a DJ set was Rave The Reqviem,  a Swedish band, where two of the singers are mother and son. Rave The Reqviem are 5 very beautiful people who are incredibly wild and full of energy at their shows. And they share all of it with the audience! From the first sight I got charmed by their interesting combination of rhythms, growling, heavy guitar riffs and the glorious melodic vocals of Carola Lönnqvist! The performance looked like a savage, ritual dance of a tribe named Rave The Reqviem. The guys really enjoy what they do and the members are losing themselves on the stage, giving every bit of energy to the crowd. I was immediately impressed by their talent, professionalism, individuality. This is kind of a live show taking over your heart with a very positive attitude. You just can’t stay calm at the gig of Rave The Reqviem.  Bandwebsite

Cygnosic was the last band on the main stage this night. It was a totally different feeling from the two previous bands. The singer Georg Psaroudakis looks very serious and focused while he is performing, nothing seems redundant. This creates interesting contrast with the growling he produces and hard dance music he creates. Moreover, the club was filled with lots of people who created a friendly atmosphere. As I have already mentioned, INFEKTIO took care of the decoration in the entire club (artist: Voeman Decotiimi, So at the party we had a feeling like walking around in a different acid cyber reality!    Bandwebsite

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