Julian Lehmann: Mother Nature

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Only a few months after releasing his debut album,Witchery, Julian Lehmann is back with his second album called Mother Nature. For the awesome cover artwork, he could, once again, win over the French Sylvain Lucchina, who already did cover artworks for Pagan’s Mind and Feared. Mother Nature contains twelve new songs and just as it was with the last album, video clips immediately appear in my head when I listen to them.

It’s not easy for me to rate instrumental songs but I’d say that the songs are bit subtler than on Witchery and I’m sure they would have sounded well with lyrics, too. The album also seems to go more into the movie soundtrack direction. It works very well and I’m pretty certain the mastermind has some films playing in his mind, too.

As already with the last record, Mother Nature, too, features a few guest musicians. Above all, Markus Lehmann, Julian’s father, on violin. Rusty Cooley contributes a guitar solo on the title track. More guitar treats come from Dr. Viossy and Andreas Grob on Myths And Legends as well as on Druid’s Grove.

Mother Nature is again a very good instrumental album and I am quite sure, another album will be coming our way soon. Apparently, this young man is full of ideas. On his website, you can find something very special. Not on the album, the song The Pirate Bay is the first one with vocals, provided by none other than Julian’s mother. I’d like to get more of it. It’s a great achievement and it shows that the songs work equally well with vocals and lyrics.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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