Knorkator, Zeche Bochum 12.11.2016

Without support act and punctually the “most band in the world” Knorkator enters the stage in front of a crowded hall and heats up the mood with “Alter Mann”.

Singer Stumpen is wearing his Yeti fur suit, keyboardist Alf Ator on the left side has decided on a fluttering garment in white, bassist Rajko wears a white suit, drummer Nick a white top, and only the dark-curled guitarist Buzz Dee in his black outfit with mandatory sunglasses on his head gives the idea of a heavy rock musician.
The light is often violet, in the air – due to many people and spotlights – hangs a stench of rock’n’roll. The mood is joyfully heated, the audience is enthusiastic, some guys dare to surf about the crowd and everybody is singing along, so for the chorus of the last song of the evening “Wir werden alle sterben”, the crowd needs no vocal support from above.
This also fits to the singing game “Fick” and “Fuck” to Alf Ator doing jazz improvisations. I congratulate myself for the first time, because I normally would never have the idea of listening or even singing jazz.

A Knorkator concert is always anything but boring. There are the little details which provide great pleasure beside the music: Stumpen, frightening Alf Ator with flip-flops in his hands, or those golden baseball caps Alf and Stumpen wear to “I verachte Jugendliche” (I despise teenagers).

The song selection leaves nothing to be desired, in addition to the already mentioned songs they perform the the classics “Du nich”, “Böse” and the “Weg nach unten” and the covers, “Geh zu hier”, “El Dorado” and ACDCs “Highway to Hell”

Also the latest CD “I am the boss” is presented: next to the titletrack, they play the possible hit suspicious ” Zähneputzen, pullern und ab ins Bett” and the conspiratorial “Setz Dich hin”.
With their mix of hard-hitting metal, exuberant cover versions and thoughtful songs, with a mischievous smile on their lips, those five delight us for more than two hours, and after five encores a satisfied audience went home.

For those who don’t speak German, a part of the fun might get lost, thus it is worth to find out about the meaning of their truly intelligent lyrics; yet due to the atmosphere it is always an amazing experience to watch their show.

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