Wheel / Happily Ever Blind

06.09.2016 Semifinal, Helsinki

Tuesday night in Semifinal is usually quiet, but these bands are still early in their careers, and there is a hype about Wheel that has got many people very intrigued. First up however is Happily Ever Blind, a band who would suit a stage share with WOTZC or others of that ilk. The singer wears shades, a hat and a waistcoat and you can tell from the moment he enters the stage that there will be energy and something a bit different about these guys. A solid set, no hard hitting songs as yet, but this is a band with potential and for such an early show, they definitely have more to come.

Wheel look good, sound good and know exactly what they want to do. Dressed in black, the band take on the prog rock genre with aplomb, offering something fresh and yet so familiar. This band is tight and the audience is a good size by the time they launch into their set. Epic tunes, led by a singer/guitarist at the top of his game, this is probably the best 2nd show of a band I’ve ever seen, and the crowd agree. I for one will be monitoring the progress of this band, because they will be big given the right opportunities.

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