Mosfet – Screwing The Devil

Label: Office4Music     Running Time: 46 min    Release: 11th September 2015


Mosfet have been thrashing through the Heavy Metal underground for 12 years until now. In this time, they have released 2 albums and one EP. Shortly their third album will be released.

This album will contain straight Thrash Metal which is dominated by devastating guitar riffs. They are powerful and straight to the point, really destructive indeed! They alone are reason  enough to check out this album. And also the lyrics, which often display a sense of humour are a big plus. One song which represents both benefits well, is the cool ‘Booze, Boobs and Bedroom Battles’.

“Screwing the Devil” features also a nice production, really powerful but also clear enough to hear all the details. But nevertheless there is still some room for improvement for Mosfet. When listening to the whole album in one go, it turns out that the stuff is too similar. Some more variation in terms of pace and drumming and also some ‘color’, e. g. by increased use of lead guitars, would improve the sound a lot. Moreover, some more variation in the vocals is needed, e.g. some gang shouts and more choruses compatible for singalong. But all in all, “Screwing The Devil” has turned out nicely and should give the band a boost.


  • 7/10
    Bewertung / Rating - 7/10

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