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Van Canto and the 7 deadly sins

A-Cappella-Metal Band Van Canto just ended a successful tour for their current album „Dawn of the Brave”. Shortly afterwards, Stefan Schmidt, responsible for the low-pitched „rakkatakka” vocals, took the time for an interview with STALKER, and he also commented on the 7 deadly sins:

Is likely to happen on the last day of one part of the tour.

Happens the day after.

A great motivator and inspiration for thousands of written songs.

Can boost creativity here and there, but is mostly just a waste of energy.

Is nothing bad to begin with as long as it takes the form of appreciation and is and incentive to become better at things.

I can’t see anything positive in that. Not even in ambition.
(Note: greed is “Geiz” in German language, and the expression for ambition, “Ehrgeiz”, literally translates as “greed of glory”; the ed.)

I suppose you need at least a little bit of it to be successful as an artist 😉

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Stefanie Oepen

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