Mind Of Doll acoustic / album pre-listening

Mind Of Doll had been absent from the scene for a while, sadly, because they are one of those Finnish bands who always deliver great gigs and would definitely deserve a bit more attention… Therefore a rare acoustic set should not be missed (only the second they ever played, so I heard). Now their second album is on the way, and this evening offered the chance for a sneak preview. And last but not least, those guys from Vantaa are totally nice people and great to hang out with – which means, more than one reason to visit Bäkkäri on Saturday, even at an unusually early hour… When I arrived, the soundcheck had not quite finished yet, but luckily there was still time before the show to chat a bit about the band´s hiatus and the new album.

With a little delay – as also the audience dropped in a bit later, many of them obviously just because of the band, many were bar regulars though – Mind Of Doll started their set, in quite a good mood, and with the new songs “Bad Shivers” and “Indians”, which left a good impression and suggested, that the general musical direction “dirty Rock´n´Roll” with a touch of Sleaze-Glam has not changed much. Singer Visa can always surprise me, because you´d never expect such a rough strong voice from somebody looking so young and gentle …

Well, I can understand why they chose to “play safe” with the following cover versions (“Rain” by The Cult, “Wide Awake” by Fishfaces and Rolling Stones´ “Wild Horses”).
But it was their own songs from the previous album “Low Life Heroes” that got the audience singing along – first “Ms. Pretty” and then the other hit song “Marks On My Face” – I bet everybody was disappointed they could not play longer – first, there was still the CD pre-listening to come and then more bands playing live upstairs… so please, play more acoustic shows (and more of your own songs!)

The pre-listening revealed, that the new album “Shame on your Shadow” (to be released February 8, review coming soon) will continue the band´s style that I already tried to describe as “dirty Rock´n´Roll”, yet they added much more “Metal” to it, a friend even pointed out some “Iron Maiden moments”. Well, you´ll soon be able to read more about the guys and the new album at STALKER…


Klaudia Weber

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