Jorn / Teodor Tuff

After the entertaining trip home from the W.A.S.P. concert plowing through a 15cm layer of snow – on the way I even saw some people doing Skijoring (a snowboarder on a rope dragged by a car) the trip back to Z7 is less fun, the streets are icy. Which gives me reason to be worried that also the bands could perhaps not make it in time from Rome to Switzerland. But luckily my worries are not confirmed, the bands safely arrived at Pratteln.

Teodor Tuff
This support band from Norway might be big in their home country, but they have not quite made it in the rest of Europe. With this tour they surely made more fans. Their sound is located in the Metal/Rock genre and might require more highlights, but all in all they appeal to they audience. Singer Terje has a nice voice and does his thing well, but he appears a bit unsecure. And also the other guys do their thing as it should be. Therefore everybody is nicely warmed up for Jorn.

has undergone several changes in recent months. Long-term guitarist Tore Moren and bassist Nicola Angileri had to leave the band and will focus on their solo careers and other projects. Thus Jorn presents 2 new band members – on bass Bernt Jansen, on guitar Tront Holter – who I have to get used to, as I miss Nic´s cool stage acting and Tore´s skilled guitar licks a bit. Although the two new guys do a good job and the focus should be on the Master of Voices himself, still it´s about the overall appeal of the band. Also guitarist Jimmi Iversen, who returned to the band recently, gets on a Swiss stage for the first time. Many changes and new music: „Bring Heavy Rock to the Land“ was released in June and already in January the new album „Symphonic“ is due, which offers some older and new songs with orchestra arrangements. Something to look forward to. This evening the setlist contains mostly older songs, although I would have enjoyed to hear „A Thousend Cuts“ oder „ Black Morning“ from the new album.

Still it´s a great setlist. Jorn appears to be relaxed, he often addresses the audience and talks a lot, much more than usual, which naturally appeals to the fans. Vocally he is again simply stunning. With the encores are „Lonely are the Brave“ and „War to the World“, the concert does not simply end. No, the otherwise so people-shy Jorn Lande jumps into the pit and begins to shake hands with every fan in the first row, he takes his time, poses for photos and really tries to address every single one of them. This might help him to gain a better image and widen his fan-base, because this is how you do it. His band colleagues follow his example but they retreat early, because they are not as popular with the fans as Mr. Lande. All in all a great evening and a great show of this true Northern Master of Vocals and his band.

Sandy Mahrer

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