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Turmion Kätilöt and the 7 Deadly Sins

If any Finnish band would be labelled a sinner, that would be the famous Midwives of Destruction! But don´t let the hardcore BDSM show, gimp masks, whips, scars and piercings fool you!

Spellgoth: yes, I have to speak for myself and I love to cook! Of course I don´t look like I do, I´ve always been very thin, but nowadays I´m gaining some weight and I like to cook! It´s like every evening I have something, a little pasta with what I have in my fridge; make some pork, throw it on a pan and fry it… I eat every day very much! So gluttony maybe would be my deadliest sin!
MC Raaka Pee: mine is beer. Every day, one or two…
Spellgoth: Martin Luther, who reformed the Christianity, he was a huge fan of beer! He had a huge stomach and red nose, because of drinking…
MC Raaka Pee: same here!
Spellgoth: since he moved into a new flat, he´s been drinking every day.
MC Raaka Pee: that´s my gluttony.
Spellgoth: it´s not like drinking-drinking, but just a few, you know…

MC Raaka Pee: what is sloth? Being too lazy? Well… My sloth would be doing the dishes, because in many cases I don´t do them. My other half has to suffer for that. I do the cooking, but she does the cleaning. (all laugh) Unfortunately for her…
Spellgoth: same thing with us! We´ve made arrangements that I make the food when I come from work and Ulla makes the home, she cleans and still she always reminds me of the socks and my shirts everywhere!

Spellgoth: I´m a little bit envious of Petja ( = MC Raaka Pee) because he´s made this band. He´s one of the best songwriters in the world, because Turmion Kätilöt songs are… I listen to a lot of music, I listen every day, but when I heard for the first time this band, I was completely sold! Although industrial isn´t so close to me, I like Rammstein, but my other side is almost all black metal, or completely electronic music, but nothing in between.
MC Raaka Pee: thanks! That feels great. I don´t think it like that, our songs are what they are. I am proud of course, but not too much, just a little bit. My vanity is that trying to get material stuff, which shouldn´t be that important. I don´t think like that, but sometimes when you don´t realize it, it could be…
Spellgoth: . ..pain in the ass. On the other hand, wearing makeup on stage is quite the opposite of vanity, because we don´t show our own faces on stage, sometimes it´s even embarrassing when people know that you´re in that kind of band. I would like to know people without that kind of shit. It happened once that somebody got my number somehow and called me, saying “hey, it would be very nice to meet you after the gig, because my girlfriend is a really big fan and it would be cool to meet, not like on a gig, but just exchange a few words”, so I arranged the time, went backstage and introduced everybody to him and we had some beers and cigarettes together, and then he was very grateful. So I think something like this is much better than putting makeup on, that´s when we hide ourselves. We are not rockstars in that kind of sense, casting ourselves into the bronze…
MC Raaka Pee: it´s all not important, it´s only all about music.

MC Raaka Pee: well, this would be the same thing as with the vanity, because I think all people just want more and more on some level, of some things… But what I am greedy for? Money, success… Maybe not, but unfortunately those two go hand in hand, there´s no one without the other. I want this music to be a success and reach as many listeners as possible, so that might be my greed. And that needs quite a lot of money to make it go higher and higher. I´m satisfied with us already, but I want more, of course, so that seems to be my sin.

MC Raaka Pee: maybe sometimes when people don´t listen or when it looks like they don´t care about what you´re trying to tell them. I don´t know if I´m ever angry!? I am quite a calm fellow, so what makes me angry is when people want something from me and when I try to make it happen and as agreed, and when the other party doesn´t do their job and their responsibilities, especially when it concerns their own matter, that angers me, because it means that my work was in vain. So why should I bother to do anything if they themselves don´t care about it enough?

MC Raaka Pee: In some cases I envy people who are very strong, in their strength of mind. I think I´m sort of an alcoholic and it goes in the family, so I envy people who don´t need any stimulants, like alcohol and also nicotine, and stuff like that. I envy people who can be happy without any of that. But even though it´s not healthy, I wonder why should I deny those things to myself?…

Spellgoth: yes, I am envious, a lot!! When I listen to some great album and I think that there are such people who can make this kind of music! So music makes me envious, Petja for example, who is able to make music! He´s made music for that “Sideshow” DVD, they asked him if he can and he was like “yeah…” and he just begun to compose and play!!!
MC Raaka Pee: it came in a moment… I couldn´t do it again just like that, but back then it just happened.
Spellgoth: but some people have the spark. My little brother is like that, he has the talent. When he saw the drums for the first time, he just asked if he can play, and he did! And now he´s one of the best drummers in Finland! Also he plays the guitar far better than me, although I´ve been playing for 13 years, and he´s just tapping, and I´m like – “what the fuck?!” – because some people just have the gift, whatever comes into his hands, he does better than me. So of course I´m envious! But it won´t effect my life! It´s natural, everyone´s envious of something.

Spellgoth: (whispers) lust, lust, lust…. purrrrrrrrrrr…
MC Raaka Pee: I like sex.
Spellgoth: I think we are all very sexual people and I know the guys from the band very well! We always talk about the thing and we are very viral, because it´s not like a thing you´d jeopardize, or if it´ll be to break any friendships, nothing like that, but it´s always on our minds! If you watch our gig – it´s sexy!
MC Raaka Pee: YEAH!
Spellgoth: we are still young for a few years! But yeah, I wouldn´t say that lust would be a sin, everybody lusts something, it´s in human nature to lust. For me, I lust Ulla: every day, every night. She´s a little bit not that lusty as I am, so sometimes it´s a little bit awkward to come home and “no, no, no!” (all laugh). I think it´s healthy to have that lust in your heart. On the outside, it makes your cheeks blush, and such, because when you have the lust in your heart, it makes you feel alive.

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl.+ photos: K. Weber


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