Subway to Sally & Blitz Union @ Markthalle Hamburg

20.10.2023 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

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Whilst the first part of the “Himmelfahrt” tour was already a while ago, there were now two more concerts to come – one of them in Hamburg, which was once again rainy. Talking to the dedicated fans who bravely waited outside the gates of the venue in the wind and rain, you could already tell that this was going to be a great concert – because everyone was really excited about what the evening had to offer.

They quickly got rid of the annoying warm overclothes and then – albeit at a reduced pace – gathered in front of the stage. The Markthalle filled up surprisingly slowly, but it was during the week, you had to work and get to the venue first, and then you had to be in the mood for an opening act.

This time BLITZ UNION were on tour with SUBWAY TO SALLY – a band from Prague who had rock sounds to offer. The guys’ performance definitely had power, but that’s where it ended for the taste of many audience members. For me, the vocals lacked stability, the voice seemed unstable and sometimes even crooked, some of the backing vocals came from the tape – there was potential for improvement. The audience took it as it came and honored the fun and the joy of playing that they got to see on stage. All in all, however, there was definitely no spark here – and I still wonder where the idea came from to take this band along as support, because there wasn’t much overlap to be seen here for my taste.

And then it was time again – you had to wait, the changeover break had arrived. Quickly to the toilet, get a beer – but nothing happened quickly, because the hall was now packed. A sold-out venue, and that’s exactly what you noticed at the beginning of SUBWAY TO SALLY‘s set: air was overrated, it was cozy, but there was still enough room to dance.

They started with “Was ihr wollt” – you couldn’t wish for a more fitting opener – and the audience was clear: they wanted a hot, long show, lots of songs and lots of fun. And that’s exactly what they got for their ears, eyes, heart and soul. Everyone around had their favorites that touched them emotionally and made them sing along especially loudly and fervently or simply made them close their eyes to suck it all in. As much as the songs off the new album were celebrated, you will probably always see which are the “classics” – and “Eisblumen” has always been right up there. Every time Eric Fish and his band play the song, it’s just a very special feeling, a very special atmosphere. Can you describe it? No.

The same applies to the oldies “Besser du rennst”, “Maria” and “Sieben”. If you’re thinking: but there’s at least one song missing from the list? That’s right – “Kleid aus Rosen” is always my personal highlight, and this time the rose that was handed to Eric from the audience was actually eaten. Well, almost – if Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat, then at least Eric only does it with a rose. Admittedly, this interlude was entertaining, but for me it destroyed the feeling of the song a little – but maybe I’m alone with this opinion.

It should also be emphasized that the band always performs solos – Ally on her violin gave us “Autumn”, a wonderful instrumental piece that she played on a small B-stage in the Markthalle. Just her, full focus on her skills. Always a great experience. However, the aforementioned B-stage was not only hers during the course of the evening, Ingo also used it for his guitar solo, and Eric and his bagpipes also joined in at the end of the concert. For fans who didn’t make it to the front rows, a second small stage like this is always a great “gift” – because the saying “the last will be first” applies, at least for a short time.

Whether it was the main stage or the B-stage, people celebrated, sang, danced, clapped, jumped, sweated and smiled and laughed a lot after the end of the show. It had once again been an evening in Hamburg that had been worthwhile – old songs, new songs, a lot of energy and a lot of melancholy. There was simply everything you could have wished for.


Was ihr wollt
Leinen los
Alles was das Herz will
Weit ist das Meer
Auf dem Hügel
Böses Erwachen
Autumn (Violin Solo by Ally, B-Stage)
Gott spricht
Grausame Schwester
Falscher Heiland
Das Rätsel II
Ihr kriegt uns nie
Besser du rennst
Kleid aus Rosen
Guitar Solo (Ingo, B-Stage)
Maria (B-Stage)
Tanz auf dem Vulkan
Julia und die Räuber (Bagpipes Solo Eric, B-Stage)
Julia und die Räuber

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