Air Guitar World Championships 2023: Dark Horses

August 23, 2023, Club 45special, Oulu, Finland


The competitors featured in the interactive gallery BELOW:
1. Patrick “Ehrwolf” Culek
2. Aska “Sunflower” Tabata
3. Sven “Spandex” Smith
4. Rina “Slice” Donovan
5. Miska “Pink Lightning” Haakana
6. Alex “Jinja Assassin” Roberts
7. Alexis “Princess Balboa” Essadki
8. Eric “Mean Melin” Melin
9. Oskar “Loggy Kilmister” Stockfelt
10. Heidi “Pink Passion” Toivio
11. Luke “Slam Cabbage” Sevcik
12. Vincent “Lord Scrat” Roussel
13. Apolline “Lady Attila” Andreys
14. John “BerserkAir” Davis
15. Brian “Fan AirNation” Dunn
16. Kurt “Shred Lasso” Brown
17. Justin “Hypes” Hypes
18. Aapo “The Angus” Rautio
19. Hennessy “Airmazon Prime” Williams
20. Toshio “Shariten KD” Kado
21. Fermont “Airgus” Corentin
22. Nora “SistAir of Mercy” Anderson
23. Nicole “Little Old Me” Sevcik

Special guest: “Nordic Thunder” Justin Howard, USA, CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2021
Dark Horse presenter: Jani Kortti

Jury: Aaron Gorman, Darja Zaitsev, Anu Arango Enqvist, Antti Kairakari, Harri Filppa,
More about them HERE

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