Vader – Solitude in Madness

Label: Nuclear Blast  Playing Time: 30 Min  Release: 1st May 2020


Uneblievable! For almost four decades Vader have been making music and since their 2000 album “Litany” at the latest they belong to the undisputed international spearhead in the Death Metal scene. In this time, they have released 13 studio albums and numerous EPs, compilations and live-albums. Every album had its qualities and highlights and there was no real stinker. This is remarkable because the setting couldn’t have been worse for the band. Vader was founded in the 80s in communist Poland. At first it was the administration, which was critical of heavy metal and harassed the band wherever possible. After the fall of the wall, it was the strengthening Catholic Church that used its influence to make life difficult for the band. For many years, it was much easier for Polish fans to watch concerts of the band abroad than at home. The result were dozens of line up changes. The only constant is vocalist / guitarist Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek. Wikipedia counts 16 former band mates and also five tour members. Since 2011, the band line up has (finally?) been established.

“Solitude in Madness” is the 14th studio album of Vader. On this record, they present their fast and aggressive side. Melodic parts, like they were found on “Tibi et Igni” are not present. The result is an intensive, powerful album, which is flattening every listener within its 30 minutes length. This is also a result of the clear and powerful sound. The songs are also well-done and they get to the point in no time. Playing times over three minutes are the absolute exception. But one thing is missing, which is great hits like ‘Carnal’, ‘Litany’ or ‘Hexenkessel’. Maybe you can call the opener ‘Shock and Awe’ a hit, but it is not as catchy as the songs mentioned.

Nice to see that, despite all adversities, there is such an enduring band in Death Metal!

  • 7.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7.5/10

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