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Tschinderella: Live authentically!

A brand and a person – Austrian Rockabilly fashion Web-Shop Tschinderella run by a power woman. The website is in German language, but feel free to contact Tschinderella herself, she will gladly give you some online shopping assistance.

Tschinderella is Birgit Tschinder’s nickname: 

Privately I’m a Rockabella because I love the Retro 50s style, the positive can-do attitude of this generation after the war, being open for new ways but still grounded in tradition. This celebration of life expressed in the music and dance of this age and in Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion. For me this is every day life.

Tschinderella as good girl


Tschinderella as Rockabella, not such a good girl

Tschinderella Rockabilly Shop offers Oldschool clothing and Accessoires, everything from head (hair pins) to feet (stockings) and also hand-made bags. And I insist on using local natural products and cooperate local social associations and societies.

Tschinderella the person:

Pretty much accidentally I have become a popular Rockabilly model. However, it took a lot of courage for me to turn myself into a brand and create this web shop, after decades of working as employee in sales.

I love to be outdoors and enjoy the nature, and I am a member of the vocal ensemble VocaRhythmix.


I enjoy just to be myself.
And I enjoy to make people happy.

Tschinderella the online store:


Tschinderella’s message:
Be yourself! Live authentically. Do not push problems aside but rather see them as opportunity to develop. Stay away from drugs and rather get turned on by music, singing, art, sports and love!

If we all manage to do that, we indeed make the world a better place!

photos: Photos are my story, Henry Welisch Photography, Simone Attisani Photography, Van Gaugi Photography

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