Mortiis in Helsinki

On the Rocks 29.12.2018, Helsinki, Finland

It is been a while, since I’ve listened the last time to Mortiis’ music, strictly speaking the time when I was still going to the clubs and dancing to his dark electronic sounds, 12 years ago.

As soon as I received the notification Mortiis will have a concert at On the Rocks Helsinki, I wanted to be there, of course, in order to reanimate some memories of these times.

I have heard already they have been on tour with the era 1 Album and as I was researching a bit more about it, I realized it would be an all instrumental concert. Therefore I was not very excited about it first, as from what I expected and remembered from the past.

Entering the club, the audience turns out as a mixture of every age and every direction of music. The stage is lovingly decorated in dark romantic design with small trees at the front and immersed in violet and blue light.

As the curtain moves slowly aside, the keyboard is to be seen as well as more lovely decoration left and right of the stage, and as soon as Mortiis enters – of course with mask – the first sounds begin. I am very surprised and cast into the spell of the presence of Mortiis and his music.

Although it is an instrumental performance, it is a pleasure to listen and I am banned in this atmosphere of light, stage decoration and the beautifully fitting picture selection to every song shown on the screen behind the artist.

The audience is banned as well under the spell of the music and is lost in this powerful performance.

After almost one hour the concert is over and you would be eager to listen to more of it.
After all it was a very successful evening, which made you dream and lose yourself in this moment.

Text: Tatjana Tattis Murschel   photos: K. Weber

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