Hola Ghost / The Shrieks / Nuke Mutants @ Elmu Baari

Helsinki, Sept 16, 2016
It’s always fun to attend gigs, just to get – positively – surprised by bands you had not heard before…


The first portion of high energy was delivered by the Finns  Nuke Mutants, and those guys seemed to have enjoyed too much coffee – especially the  front man who gave it all, not just vocally – the show included e.g. microphone-stand-nibbling… Those guys got the first people onto the dance floor with their mix of  Stray Cats on Speed and Punk.


The Shrieks – pure Girl Power and no less speed or energy than before. Yet their version of Rockabilly-meets-Punk plus vocal harmonies drifts much more towards Pop, which makes their songs damn catchy, and many more could no longer resist the urge to dance. The girls put up quite a show as well, and the singer apparently felt occasionally that the stage is too small  …


But then the headliner from Denmark – Hola Ghost. The ads had mentioned “Flamencore”, which had made me pretty curious – and indeed, this show kicked ass, no chance to sit or stand still. The audience went bonkers right from the start, shouting and singing along – Six Bullets was one of the absolute highlights for me. In between it felt that the level flattened a bit, maybe because several songs in a row felt too slow or standard R’n’R, or in other words, lacked a certain amount of  chilli peppers. But as soon as the performance sounded like directly from Titty Twister, all hell broke loose. They rounded up their fabulous gig paying homage to Motörhead, naturally in this Danish-Mexican blend – a great club gig indeed! Tack / Gracias, guys!

Photos: K.Weber; photo gallery by  Daniel Beech HERE


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