Powerwolf – The Metal Mass live

Label: Napalm Records  Release: 27th July 2016  Playing Time: 80 min


First of all, I have to make clear that this “The Metal Mass live” package contains tons of video footage (all in all 3 complete shows!) as well as some audio material (the full Oberhausen concert). For this review, however, I had access to the audio material only, therefore I can’t say a word about the quality of the videos.

“The Metal Mass live” is the first official live release of the band. They made it an extensive release, covering one full venue show and 2 festival shows, all in all 45 songs. Therefore nothing should be left to be desired, shouldn’t it?  You might think so, but the opposite is the case. Actually the majority of the songs are being covered by all of those 3 setlists and they contain almost exclusively songs from the last 3 releases. Where are ‚Saturday Satan‘, ‚Wolves Against The World‘ or ‚We Came To Take Your Souls‘? Therefore, this release is quite voluminous, but also one-dimensional.  What a pity!

Last but least, I have to say that the sound is – of course – superb! The audience reactions have been captured nicely too, just like it should be. Therefore, apart from the setlist selection, everything is fine!

  • 8/10
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