The Obsessed: Greetings from Takoma

Good news for fans of the legendary The Obsessed: the doom rock pioneers, formed in 1976 by Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Place Of Skulls, The Hidden Hand, and more), are about to record a new album! Despite still touring the US – the first in over a decade – drummer Brian Costantino found time to fill us in …

Brian, The Obsessed is back with a new album, how did the sessions go?
We haven’t recorded any songs for the album yet. We plan on entering the studio beginning of July to begin recording the album for Relapse Records. The album should be out by January to February of next year.

Do you do any song writing?
I have written multiple songs lyrically that I basically give to Wino to do what he wants with them. If he needs a line or phrase, he can use it. If wants to use the whole thing, great.

What was it like playing in Spirit Caravan?
Playing in Spirit Caravan was short lived and we never played a show as SC with this line up, we changed the name before that. I can say that playing with Wino and (Dave) Sherman has been incredible due to their history and skill level, and hey it’s Wino who wouldn’t want to play with him!

Do you like the doom metal scene, do you look at the sound of The Obsessed as that sound?
Maryland has a huge doom scene and its cool. I know The Obsessed is synonymous with the Doom scene but in my opinion The Obsessed is different from all genres and can’t be placed in any one particular. There is no other band that can write songs like Wino, and if they try, they usually fail miserably!

How were the tracks worked out for the new Obsessed album, as you are essential to the sound of the band?
We are working on new songs now as we tour and have approx 7 done and another 8 or 9, we are working on arrangements and will continue to finish as the tour winds on. Obviously that is too many songs for an album, but we will hopefully record them all and pick and choose.

What are your plans for the future, Brian?
My plans for the future…… Well hopefully finish this tour and record the album and continue to tour as much as possible. I’m playing in my favorite band of all time, so hopefully this will last a long time.
The Obsessed are currently touring right now, doing 27 shows across the U.S. I’m sitting in Takoma Washington as I write this and we are getting ready to head to Portland. The tour is going incredible, and if you haven’t been out to see us you are missing a great show.

guest author: John Wisniewski
photo: Band
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