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Infinitas – Fresh Act January 2016

This year, a Swiss band opens our Fresh Act section. Infinitas, hailing from the picturesque Muotathal, introduce themselves and their melodic Thrash Metal and use the opportunity to look for a new band member.

Hey, great to have you as our first Fresh Act of 2016. First of all, please, tell us a little bit about the band. Who are you and what are your duties in the band?

Andrea does the vocals, Pauli plays bass, Selv is in charge of the guitars, Piri tortures the drums and adds some vocals , Miss & Mr. X for the violin position

Besides playing our music, we all do all kinds of different band work…be it social media updates, designing and distributing flyers & posters, answering concert requests, taking care of our finances, refilling beer and coffee in the rehearsal place J etc. There is always something to do and everyone helps doing it.

Since when has the band Infinitas been around and how did the idea to form a band come up?

Piri & Selv wanted to form a band quite some time ago. And in 2009, they eventually did. Everything went very quickly and in 2011, we already had our first gigs.

In which genre do you feel at home? How would you describe your music?

We make melodic Thrash Metal. Well, whatever that means. It’s not easy to put music into genres, but “melody” and “thrash” describes our metal best. But, anyway, the best thing to do is to  listen. Just check out our homepage: (In case that this kind of advertisement is allowed, hehe)

How did you find the name for your band – is there a special story behind it?

On our way home, after an Eluveitie gig, Selv & Piri brainstormed ideas for band names and ended up with Infinitas. For “Infinity”. With music, one can cause an endless amount of emotions, have an endless amount of fun and write endless songs and and and…

At the moment, you are looking for a new band member to join you on the violin, as Joëlle will leave the band. What would be the perfect cast, who should get in contact with you?

It would be perfect if we could find a violinist, who would also be willing to do the backing vocals. Then there are, of course, some interpersonal aspects and also the region. All requirements should somehow come together in this one person. One the other hand, if someone likes our sound, plays violin and is interested in the band, then he/she should definitely contact us.

In February 2015, you released your first EP, which you recorded on your own. How do you normally write songs, is it done by only one person or by everybody?

All recipes are invented by Selv; the other band members, however, add a couple of herbs and spices. This means that Selv writes the songs and the others bring in last-minute ideas for the final touch.

How did you record your EP? In a studio or in your rehearsal place?

All songs were recorded in the “rehearsal place studio” and were mixed by Selv & Piri, who put a lot of heart, soul and time into it. Mastering was done by Dan Sutter (Echochamber)

Which band would you like to go on tour with?

With Amorphis, that would be really cool. But there are countless acts, for which we’d like to open the stage.

Do you think that it is especially difficult for new Swiss bands to establish themselves in the scene, or do you think it is eually difficult everywhere?

It is difficult because the scene is so small and crammed with offers. It needs a lot of time and patience, but that makes the whole adventure so exciting.

What do you, in general, think about the music scene?

The market is crammed with offers. There should be fewer offers, but that would be kind of bad, too.

And finally: What is your biggest dream with the band? What do you want to achieve?

We definitely would like to do a full-length album. Then gigs abroad would be cool, but the best feeling is when we can make our fans happy.

Thanks to you as well for your time, and we wish you all the best.

Thanks back, it was fun!

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