Lower Than Atlantis – Lower Than Atlantis

Label: Sony Music; already released

The guys have been working hard since 2007 – a demo, an EP and now already four albums, that´s what they already have on the market. So far it they only got early timeslots to play at festivals – which might be caused by the fact that this kind of music is not as popular here in Germany as it might be elsewhere.

They start off with „Here we go“ – and it´s been a good pick for the band to choose this track as the album opener – it rocks, yet still has a clear melody and nice vocals that nicely fit to the rest of the song. The track might now be standing out, but it is a nice lead into the album. It all continues with a catchy tune, “Ain´t no Friend” has a probably quite rough transmissions between refrain and verse, but those are not taking away all the power that you can find in the sound from start on.

Unfortunately, it does not continue in a convincing manner anymore with „English Kids in America“, which is just playing along and  doesn´t really stick in mind, as it sounds just like all the other tracks of this album. Noone will be remembering this one anymore after listening to the whole album. From this song on, it becomes pretty unspectacular – with exceptions: “Criminal” is a song that stands out from all the rest. A different vocal style, classical instruments sneaked into the sound, the chorus makes me wanna sing along and my finger is resting on the “repeat” button of my player.

If you like acoustic and quiet tunes, you might think you´re right in the spot with “Words don´t come so easily” . But – no. After a slow and beautiful start, it all blows up, volume wise and in heaviness. So please tune down the volume, even though then the slow parts are lost. The rough transmissions additionally also take away the appeal of the song.

All the other tracks are not exactly bad, but as already mentioned: they all sound like one mid-tempo track, hardly distinguishable, which I find disappointing, because I am sure the band has much more to offer.

It´s an album full of highlights and lowlights – at least for my taste. The initially built up tension and expectations cannot be kept up throughout the album – it still is a more than solid rock album that I´d recommend to those who enjoy mid-tempo songs.

Tips: Ain´t no Friend // Criminal // Time

  • 7/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 7/10

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