A Million Miles / The Very End

A Million Miles have already earned their name by touring tirelessly in the recent years and have made it last year even to the Wacken festival. Not quite as significant as Wacken, but popular in Hamburg as a venue for small live acts is the Bar 227, the place A Million Miles have chosen for celebrating their party to the release of their actual debut album.

Invited were the death metal band The Very End from German city Essen, who from the beginning on made clear what kind of breeze was blowing. Outside again or still a few snowflakes fell not saying goodbye to endless winter, inside the musical mental thermostat was turned to maximum.

The melodic parts remained rather discreet, for the hammer was swung mightily and the smithy heated – much to the delight of a small but fierce group of fans in front of the stage pushing, jostling and cheerfully entirely engaged at the edge of the injury.

Narrower than in the Bar 227 the spatial contact between band and audience can´t be. In case of strong guitar movements you can get wiped the unit in the face. And the musicians have to be careful not to fall into the drums. No distance.

A Million Miles just started into the heated atmosphere. Earlier rather more in stoner rock, the band with their now released album “What´s Left Behind” has shifted towards heavy metal. And as previously a pure live band, the CD was emerged in collaboration with the reputed and experienced producer Eike Freese (also singer/guitarist of German Metal band Dark Age), which is noticeable in the sound as well as in the musical development.

While singer Mona Miluski earlier shouted with hoarse, angry growls, she has now taken a turn for the melodious, temporarily still growling angrily bawling, but increasingly inclined to clear sung vocal lines.

An additional note – and in the way it was played, almost retrospectively – was added through the various interwoven lead guitar solos to a decent portion of energy, which was discharged from the Hamburg band with a lot of enthusiasm in the well-visited, nearly crowded club.

This concert was the beginning of the now following tour through ten cities of Germany, which leads down to Berlin, to Munich and back via Cologne to the North German Schwarzenbek.

Because of the very low-light conditions in the club has been used an infrared camera with infrared lighting (no flash).

Andreas Torneberg

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