Negative / Hellcity Punks / The Liar

Gloria opened its doors this Friday evening for The Liar, Hellcity Punks and Negative. The first band was new territory for me, the shows of the latter two bands I have seen previously during some other occasions. However, a few days later I realized that I was in one of the last Negative gigs for the next time. But let’s start with the first band…

The Liar
were the perfect opener. Quite a lot of young girls were cavorting in the first rows, but they were probably just that early, because they wanted to get out most of their money. Nevertheless, they got cultivated rock on their ears. The sound improved with every song, especially the drummer seemed to release everything. While songs such as “Bad Excuse” and “Shallow” were played, I got myself a drink at the bar. All concerts were recorded and I was able to follow them from a screen at the bar area.

Hellcity Punks
were frankly the band I have been waiting for. From the second song on “Angelina Cries” I could resist my urge to move. Unfortunately, Gloria was still quite empty, thus I had much space for myself a few rows behind. My highlights of this show were songs such as “Radio” and, of course, “Love Like Hell”. I was also fascinated by the emotions and dramatical expression of frontman Janze in both his voice and his face.

were welcomed with lots of screaming. I have to admit that I almost participated when drummer Jay entered the stage without shirt. But finally Gloria was well filled and the predominantly female audience made enough noise. They kindly put their hands in the air, when they were asked to do so, and they also replied to Jonne’s E-O-interlude-singings. Beside these stupid games, the concert was very good and in the crowd I got the same feeling that my parents used to have at Queen concerts. Negative played a good mix through all the released albums. Too bad, that I will get to hear them again this year only on CD, since Negative are allegedly – according to media reports – pausing for the rest of the year and Jonne focuses on his solo-projects.

Setlist: Won’t Let Go / A Devil On My Shoulder / My My Hey Hey / No One Can Save Me Tonight / Giving Up / In My Heaven / End Of The Line / Lost Soul / The Moment Of Our Love / Angie / Naïve / Until You’re Mine / Frozen To Love It All / Planet Of The Sun / Encores: Love That I Lost / You & I / Misty Morning

Grit Kabiersch

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