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Deathstars – Andreas/Whiplasher´s 7 deadly sins

The year has ended, a lot happened for Deathstars during 2008. And even more is scheduled for 2009. So isn´t now the best time for a confession? In anticipation of Deathstars´ new release (“Night Electric Night”, release date 30.01.2009), the frontman of the Swedish glam-death-industrial act pours out his heart to STALKER…

…it´s about eating too much, isn´t? I´m a good cook, I love that! It´s like, very meditating for me, to cook…Gluttony is, in my life, it´s about something… like, it´s looking for kicks all the time, you want more and more all the time, you know? And in the end it becomes very self-distractive. I think all of us in the band are very self-exhibitionistic in that way, so we´re always wanting more and more and more… We are never pleased. I wrote a lot of music about it.

Being lazy? Lazy is something that I don´t like, I´m trying to be… I´m a very hyperactive kind of guy, I´m restless like hell, I want to be everywhere all the time, but… I don´t appreciate laziness at all, but Bone, our drummer, he really does. He´s a lazy ass! He doesn´t do anything until you whip him, but myself I´m really trying to avoid it. Being lazy I mean.

That´s something I´m trying to cut down on, by being so… It´s an important emotion I think, it´s not like I´ve never been into fighting, if that´s what wrath is about. We all have that emotion though. Nightmare and Emil really make me angry! (the manager comments: I´ve never seen you angry, ever! Not yet anyhow.) Last time we were held down at the hotel for one hour, because me and Nightmare had a huge fight (laughs)

I love it! More vanity to the people, yeah! You´re worth it, be more vain! It´s a good thing I think.

It´s terrible, you get it everywhere, but it´s what our society is all about, right? I am very greedy for sex, really.

I think when you´re 14 and you´re very-very jealous of someone having a gorgeous girlfriend, so that´s the envy I know. It´s a very distractive force and it´s hard to avoid. I´m trying to think… I can´t be so envious, what – of someone´s life?! No, that´s not me.

Lust is last! I don´t know where to start! Oh my… but yeah, it´s again looking for kicks all the time, it´s the most interesting sin of all I think, because it´s also about conflicts and conflicts is what you learn from, so… I have a lust for life, but a lot for death too!

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Deathstars

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