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If you listen to Metal, you know who Black Label Society is. On April 21st in Houston, Texas Black Label Society fans piled into a giant warehouse anxiously awaiting their favorite band. Along with Black Label Society, Cycle of Pain, Dope, and Sevendust – all in the category classic heavy metal, or like 90´s metal – also played at the show.

Cycle of Pain
I must admit, I had never heard of Cycle of Pain before this show. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of them, but only one word can describe how I felt after hearing them: wow.

These guys might not be famous (yet), but they sure can put on a show. Something that impressed me was the fact that their drummer couldn’t make it to the show that night, so 30 minutes before they were supposed to play they called around and found a random guy to drum for them. Even with someone new in the group their performance was seamless and enjoyable. Whenever these guys are famous, I’ll be able to happily say “I told you so”.

Usually, the first 2 bands at semi-big shows aren’t very great – “cannon fodder” for lack of a better phrase. Well I can officially say that Dope doesn’t fall into that category. Similar to Cycle of Pain, I had never heard any of Dope’s music – I’ve been missing out! There were a few times that I caught myself head banging in the photo pit (lol). Needless to say Dope put on an awesome show and got the crowd going in no time. What impress me at this show was how the bands just got better and better – because even the opener was great! Like I said, normally the first 2 bands aren’t great and then it gets better from there. At this show the first 2 bands were awesome!

Sevendust, where do I even begin…these guys were awesome. Their main guitarist (pictured) is my new 2nd favorite guitarist of all time. I’ve never seen someone hand out so my picks throughout a show. He was literally throwing handfuls into the audience! Even though it’s just a piece of plastic, after being there and seeing these guys in action it has meaning. The vocalist was so full of energy and commanded the crowd throughout their entire performance. I can’t think of a better way to lead up to Black Label Society than with a band like Sevendust.

Black Label Society
After Sevendust finished, Black Label Society’s legendary banner was raised in front of the stage while they prepared. For the next 15 minutes we all waited impatiently to hear the voice of Zakk Wylde. The wait paid off when the banner dropped and Black Label Society impressed us all.

Zakk Wylde was even better than people made him out to be. Now I’ve played guiter hero and done my fair share of “shredding” – but this guy is insane. It seemed like every minute he had some crazy solo that even a mutant with a guitar for an arm wouldn’t be able to handle (you think I’m kidding). Zakk Wylde and the rest of the Black Label Society crew definitely deserve the fame they receive. They played for an impressive hour and a half that night, barely pausing to breath…

Overall, this was a fantastic concert. I discovered a new type of Metal that I enjoy, and now have even more bands to look forward to seeing. On top of this, the Warehouse Live staff was great and very helpful. Be sure to check out Warehouse Live if you’re ever in downtown Houston – they always have something going on!

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