Lacrimas Profundere in St. Petersburg, Russia

September 11th, Aurora Concert Hall

People waiting at the gate are still somewhat nervous, because the venue of the gig has been changed due to the technical problems, and the “gate open” time has already passed.
Moreover, not many of the people, who are by no doubt experienced in attending metal events, are aware how the ‘small stage’ of the hall looks like and where inside the building it is. But the crowd is only growing in numbers and also growing is the curiosity for what is going to happen next.
When the doors are finally opened, the goth-n-sad fans (some wearing corsets and piercings, some electro-blue hair, the heavy boots next to obligatory) are shown into the cosy bar-styled hall. The calmer part of the public take their places at the unexpected tables, the more active crowd is near the waist-high stage, waiting for their favourite act, unanimously wondering why so few people share their good taste in music. To be noted aside – in the crowd of around 100 people there are not only the fans who live in St. Petersburg, but also many who have travelled their way from Moscow, which was not lucky enough to host a gig of ‘Antiadore’ tour.
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With the total delay of 2 hours, Lacrimas Profundere appear on stage, which might feel to be a little small for a band of five, but at this very moment all the drawbacks of the event (the delay and nearly abscent lights) appear to be totally forgotten.
The eerie mixture of the heartfelt lyrics, triggering a response in everyone who has ever been broken-hearted, and heavier music than something you would expect from the gothic metal band, made some forget about anything or everything or anybody around them – they jump and slam and headbang.
In between the songs the band seemed not to be sad about the smaller hall, but expressed their happiness about making the gig possible; they cheered the crowd to make more noise and praised the beautiful view from the panoramic windows to the Neva river and Nakhimov Naval academy. They also mentioned that St. Petersburg and its mood would go perfectly with the music of Lacrimas Profundere and namely ‘My Mescaline’.
The cozy feel of some ‘closed party for the chosen’ was heated up when by the end of the set, singer Rob asked the fans not to run away after the show, but to stay and meet the band. The small after show party gave the Metalheads and gothic ladies the rare opportunity of having drinks – from real glasses – and chat with their favourite band.

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