Preview: OTLICHNIY fest

June 11-12, 2022
Place: Museum of Street Art
Revolution highway 84, St. Petersburg, Russia

On June 11 and 12, 2022, the Museum of Street Art in St. Petersburg will open its doors again to OTLICHNIY fest. The festival combines three sceneries and a positive drive, and this will feel like a hot cyclone in the Northern Russian capital. For two days, more than 40 artists will play their best songs on three stages: Anacondaz, Zoloto, Papin Olympos, Kis-Kis, Alena Shvets, RAM, LaScala, Sharpening, Wildways, Sirotkin, Refining and many others. Festival guests can experience bands on 3 stages, entertainment areas, food courts, a large market, kilowatts of music and new emotions!
You can buy tickets here :

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