Betontod / Spitfire / nulldB

12.12.12. Köln  GER

Could there be anything better to do on a Sunday evening than watching a gig? Exactly, there couldn´t. That´s probably also what all the people thought who came to the Essigfabrik. The venue was nicely filled, the mood was laid back.
It started with nulldB (start photo), who led the crowd through their set with a lot of fun, but the enthusiasm wasn´t fully transmitted to the audience, even though that the mood became better and better with each song. The band presented a nice mix of older and newer songs from their coming album. Vocal-wise a really strong performance, unfortunately the bass was really loud and unpleasant at times. Nevertheless, a good gig!

It continued with Spitfire from Munich, and they really rocked not only me but also the rest of the audience a tad more than nulldB. Their music, rock´n´roll spiced up with a bit of punk, made the audience move and quickly a small but nice circle pit formed in the middle of the audience. Time passed by so fast, the mood became better and better and the band really pushed the crowd. This was also expressed by little sing-along games to which the fans happily played along – the whole audience was a full success!

After a change-over Betontod finally started – and the mood couldn´t have been better. The fans sang along the lyrics with all the volume their lungs had to offer and did the same in between the songs, expressing that they had at least as much fun as the band on stage. Singer Meister was searching for fan contact, all of a sudden he jumped into the photo pit and wanted to get in touch with fans, since he wanted to hear them sing. The band showed an incredibly joy of playing and power which inevitably transmitted to the audience, since one couldn´t have created the setlist any better. However, the encores took away much of this power – actually I am a big fan of quiet and melancholic songs, but playing many acoustic songs one after the other was no good idea, since the vocals didn´t sound that stable at many times. But I gotta admit that „Im Himmel“ had something really special about it.

Summing up, it´s been an evening that was really worth it – three really energetic German bands that gave their best and therefore really rocked the crowd, each one of them on their own way.

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