Kissin’ Dynamite / Markk13

Before Kissin´ Dynamite are going on the big European tour with Dragonforce, they still perform their last headliner shows, just like this one in Bochum, Zeche. For a fan who witnessed the late 80s Glam Rock era and still cherishes his POISON, RATT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, CINDERELLA or WARRANT albums, a Kissin´ Dynamite gig is a must. This band has made quite an impact with their recent album „Money Sex & Power”.
In front of the venue the show has already started, because many fans come in full outfit which involved a lot of hair spray and eyeliner; even some spandex and latex trousers that might have been fitted nicely 20 years ago, can be spotted – causing a lot of fun even before the concert.

Right after 19h the support Markk13 from Dortmund take the stage and do quite a good job. This band, founded in 2010, offers a good portion of Glam & Sleaze as relief from the daily grind. Singer Markk who named the band, guitarist Rocco, basser Markkus and drummer Manni heat up the crowd in their 30min quite a bit. The enthusiastic cheers are definitely deserved and not just polite.

About 20h finally the lights go down and the intro starts booming. When singer Hannes, guitarists Jim & Ande, drummer Andi and bassist Steffen enter the stage with „Sleaze Deluxe”, the audience goes wild.

Yet I got to admit that Kissin´ Dynamite are touring now with an album – „Money Sex & Power” – which pronounces the band´s musical qualities much better. ”Ego-Shooter”, ”Ill will be King” and ”Sex is War” are kicking ass live and turn Zeche into a Sauna.

Tracks like ”Addicted to Metal”, from the eponymous album, or ”Metal Nation” blast into those 200 fans, among them also “Harry” from the TV show ” Harry & Toto “. This Hard Rock-loving policeman wanted to find out about the live qualities of this band and was not disappointed, as he told us later. In the middle of the set – “Schnitzer”´s drum solo, not quite as powerful as Mike Terrana, but really good.
Not every song is a masterpiece, but it´s always about the presentation of those songs, and this is what those guys have simply in their blood, after playing 200 gigs. Moreover, some songs that are musically just about average have great lyrics, like „Out In The Rain” or „Welcome To The Jungle”, and make up for that.
Singer Hannes reigns over his stage with his presence, and he has a synchronized head-banging ”background”, which intensifies the band´s presence and visually emphasizes how they act in concert.

Guitarist Jim and basser Steffen have a duel on stage, but there is no winner, guitarist Ande focuses on the front row, because he knows how to pose. For the younger audiences: yes, this is what it looked like!!! Kissin´ Dynamite give it all, the fans do the same, therefore this evening counts as major success. .

Summary: Kissin Dynamite do not just play a show, they ARE a show, and you really must experience them live. This is total party. They managed to send people back home with a smile on their faces, soaked in sweat and happy. More than 1,5h playing time prove that they enjoy it, and even would have played longer, but they were due for a video shooting ( “Six Feet Under” ) next day, and the hall had to be cleared for the Ü30 Party afterwards – so that gives you a clue what you can expect when you go to see a headliner show of those Swabians.

Setlist (incomplete):
Sleaze Deluxe
Sex is War
Metal Nation
Out In The Rain
She´s A Killer
Addicted To Metal
Love Me Hate Me
Run For Your Life
Welcome To The Jungle
I Will Be King
Operation Supernova

Steel of Swabia
Money, Sex & Power

Guido Wegener

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