Deathstars / Marionette

Honestly I wasn´t really excited about this concert, because last time the band was pretty bad, due to bad sound and a fog-effect overdose – I even thought „that´s it“. And now only a Best Of album is out, I had definitely preferred to hold a brand new one in my hands. But still I wanted to find out if last time was the exception of the rule – luckily, or I had missed something!

First their Swedish colleagues Marionette are on, who I had seen last year supporting Murderdolls already. Which was pretty bad then, but what happened here was a disaster. Who came up with this combination of bands? Hardcore and Melodic Glam Death Sound of Deathstars – no way that this fits. And also the audience was difficult to be convinced by the young Gothenburg crew, they struggled to get some cheers. I think that people, who knew Deathstars only as openers for Rammstein and came to the show because it´s „in“ to „rock“ nowadays, were particularly disturbed by the tough sound. Understandable because also for me – and I have listened to tougher stuff – heard only chaotic riffs and screeches. After that it can get only better…

After a quick set change finally Deathstars were on, and who thought that screeching teens would not be part of this concert might have been surprised. The show of Cat, Skinny, Nightmare, Whiplasher and the new drummer Vice is a highlight right from the start. And close to perfect, one of the best I have seen so far. The setlist left nothing to be desired with „Tongues“, „Metal“ or „Death Dies Hard“ – the same for the show. The otherwise so dominant Skinny almost seemed reserved, but perhaps he didn´t feel so fit that day. This time it was the otherwise rather shy Nightmare who communicated with fans a lot and he seemed to have a good time on stage. How unusual, and it´s nice to see that they took some inspiration from Rammstein show elements to transform into their own. Another thing was quite irritating, it seemed that Deathstars attracted also some Raver who also didn´t quite know how to behave, hopefully this will remain a special occasion. Although this band has always played good gigs, it seems they are sometimes under the weather, too. Therefore let´s forget the really bad previous gig, they made up for it with this one. 8 points, but for Deathstars only.

Sandy Mahrer

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