Tarot / The Man-Eating Tree

Could Halloween be celebrated any better than watching two great Finnish Metal bands? Unfortunately sales weren´t brilliant for this show which was hence taken to a smaller venue. However, this is better for the audience that still has enough room and you have no problem to watch the band also from the back of the room. Perhaps there wasn´t enough promotion or Sunday is a bad day, but the most important thing, fans are present and give the impression of a full venue.

The Man-Eating Tree
In February I had the pleasure of seeing this band live in Helsinki, yet just in a small local record store and a small audience. Even then The Man-Eating Tree convinced me immediately with their atmospheric sophisticated songs. Therefore I was curious to see them again after a certain development, and those 5 finns were just great. The audience was blown away by The Man-Eating Tree right away and cheered loudly. The initial nervousness of singer Tuomas Tuominen vaporized and he had the opportunity to show off the capacity of his voice. His likeable demeanor and his cheerful laughter was quite appealing to everybody. He was obviously enjoying the show and even delivered some gibberish. When he asked guitarist Janne Markus, why he was always so sad, and the reply was „because I have to play with you“, everybody burst out laughing. The Man-Eating Tree proved that they are perfectionists not only in studio but also on stage. You´ll surely hear more about this band, and perhaps the first headlining tour will work out soon.
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You wonder how Mr. Hietala manages to handle so many different things at the same time! The Nightwish hiatus is filled with the recording of the new Tarot Album „Gravity of Light“, besides there are shows with Raskas Joulu, Northern Kings, Sapattivuosi and at the Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala, and then he finds time to take off during the new Nightwish recordings for a tour through Europe with Tarot. This man truly lives for the music. And although Marco as well as Tarot are used to bigger venues than the Dynamo, they just don´t care and they play as if there was a bigger audience. No matter what, they have fun and do a lot of nonsense on stage. Marc and Tuple suddenly start laughing, you realize that those guys have been together for many years, working, drinking beer, having fun and pulling each others legs – and that they love what they are doing. Ther „Hei,hei Song“ – meaning bye-bye – was the last song, and the five-pack dances around, Marco´s brother Zachary sings along heartily and waves to the audience, when they leave stage. And only 5 min later Marco, Tuple and Zachary exit the backstage area to hang out with fans, giving autographs and posing for fotos. No rockstar attitude, they take their time for the fans, which is unfortunately quite rare – absolutely cool.

A great evening that could not been better.

Sandy Mahrer

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