Scarecrow NWA / Reanima / Force

15 years and still alive&kicking: on October 15 I accompanied the Austrian act Scarecrow NWA to their show at Leoben, the last gig before their upcoming anniversary tour. The youth center Spektrum turned out to be a comfortable location, with lots of space and entertainment equipment (soccer table, Billard). Therefore the waiting time was easily spent, and quite refreshed I got to the stage.

The Power Rockers Force opened this evening.

Force offered technically well-done and sophisticated melodies, quite appealing but also slightly boring. Nevertheless those guys gave a good show after their 4-year-hiatus.

Reanima were the second band on stage

Despite the lack of audience, those guys pulled off an impulsive show, you could notice the professional attitude in the powerful delivery of their quite variable songs.

Third and last band of this evening were the headliners Scarecrow NWA. Those guys from Graz, Austria, focused their set on their 2009-album Ishmael, plus four new songs. Among those the variable-surprising Ressurection and At Dead of Night particularly stick out with ear-candy quality.

The performance of singer Bernd is convincing and there is nothing to wish for. Guitarist Alex plays his soli in a precise manner, with the powerful rhythm backup by guitarist Gsputi, Basser Oli and drummer Stef who get the crowd going. Therefore you can be looking forward to the above mentioned 15 anniversary tour that will take the band to Graz, Klagenfurt and Vienna. A negative aspect of this evening was the fact that hardly any visitors outside a band connection had found their way into Spektrum. A pity because the newly adapted bar area in the youth center has a nice atmosphere, and the musical mix on this evening was very diverse.

And also the sound was not the best, very often way too loud, so I had to escape to the bar area. The light equipment would require some investments, too. Sometimes the band played in complete darkness, sometimes the other extreme – intense white light. A better mix and perhaps some colour would be nice here.

Summing up, it was still a nice and enjoyable evening. Cool location, nice people and a variation of Metal sounds, what more could you ask for? I´d say we´ll meet soon again!

Anna Grivas

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