Gotthard / Europe in Bochum

If you tell friends that you go to a Europe concert, their question will be “So they are still existing?” Yes they are, and they don´t play Oldie festivals, but their own tours or as co-headliner, both pretty successfully. The other day the Ruhrcongresshalle was not as full as last time, perhaps about 1400 Fans werde there. The setlist contained a third of the latest CD „Last Look At Eden“, which is another sign that Europe are still far from a Best of-Tour. The audience welcomed new songs, but as expected their 80s smash hits were the highlight of the show. Despite announcing song titles singer Joey Tempest did not talk much. The beginning was characterized by new stuff and therefore warm but slightly reserved audience, but „Superstitious“ broke the spell, and even in the very back people cheered.

„Carrie (acoustic)“ made the audience go nuts, all arms up in the air and waving, there could have been more lighters, though. „Rock The Night “ closed the official program, pretty much identical with the setlist of their previous shows, with “Carrie” as bonus, as this song was not part of the tour program in England.

„The Beast“ was the first encore, followed by their greatest hit „The Final Countdown“, naturally recognizable during the intro and therefore frantically cheered to. Pretty much everybody had their hands in the air, the absolute highlight of this evening. Soaked in sweat the band left the stage, proving how short 80 min could be. See you again next time…

Bochum setlist:

01. Last Look At Eden
02. Gonna Get Ready
03. Superstitious
04. Love Is Not The Enemy
05. Sign Of The Times
06. No Stone Unturned
07. Carrie (acoustic)
08. New Love In Town
09. Let The Good Times Rock
10. Start From The Dark
11. Solo John Norum/Seventh Sig
12. Rock The Night
13. The Beast
14. The Final Countdown

Finally Gotthard – and soon it became clear that the experience of this band, due to many shows and tours, put them into the top ranks of Rock icons. This band knows indeed how to entertain an audience for 2 hours, without being boring – e.g. with a little acoustic set during which singer and “Entertainer” Steve Lee and Leo Leoni sit on bar stools alone on stage and perform the band´s ballads on demand from the audience, or with a “Drumbattle” between allround talent Steve Lee and drummer Hena Habegger, or with the guitar duel between Leo Leoni and Freddy Scherer – every minute was fun to watch and listen to, and this is what Rock´n Roll should be about… summary: a great gig.

My concert photos can be seen here

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