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20 years Century Media: Poisonblack / Norther / Kivimetsän Druidi

Since 1988 Century Media has developed into one of the biggest Metal Labels with seven branch offices world wide, featuring e.g. Samael, Tiamat, Iced Earth and Lacuna Coil. A good reason to celebrate the 20th anniversary, and the choice Finland as location had probably the reason that the label´s Finnish top acts just release new CDs and so birthday- and release parties could be merged.

Kivimetsän Druidi

Like trolls from the woods the guys enter the stage, followed by a fairy in white. This symphonic Folk Metal band is Century Media´s latest newcomer. Just signing a contract and now already on stage. There are big expectations for this act, their debut „Shadowheart“ will be released in October. The music is dominated by growls and the tender voice of Leeni-Maria Hovila, well-known through other projects, e.g. as Swallow the Sun´s guest vocalist. Big sound problems last throughout their show, yet still this band can express that they have much more to offer.


Norther are no longer unknown. The new album of this Melo-Death band has been released recently and proved to be a big success. They tour in Canada now, and more gigs are planned. Their show has great sound and offers a selection of their – slowed down – new songs and old stuff. Still something to get used to is the new haircut of guitarist Kristian. A great show, and the audience impaciently waits for the main act. But they have to wait a bit longer – Ex-Sentenced-members Ville Laihiala, Sami Lopakka and Vesa Ranta receive Platin for the Sentenced DVD “Buried Alive”.


After a live-pause and being locked up in studio, Poisonblack are now back on stage. „A Death Heavy Day“ is the title of their new CD that will be out on September 1st, and it´s an indeed rocking new album. Poisonblack play a good set this evening, including songs from all their releases, and spirits are high in the tightly packed club. Ville Laihiala´s voice sounds again strong and impressive, much better than last year. Let´s hope it will stay this way, because this band is the remaining part of the ingenious Sentenced and their old style.

So happy birthday Century Media, and god speed for another 20 years!

Sandy Mahrer

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