einarIndra – Sometimes I’m wrong

When thinking of Icelandic music, my primary association is “heavy rock and all sorts of noise”, as DJ Valli Dordingull is wont to introduce his weekly metal show on the country’s national radio station, but already back in the nineties Sigur Rós demonstrated that between all that fire and ice there’s also room for tranquility. Einar Indra represents the latter school, and quite consequently so. The mainly electronic Sometimes I’m Wrong consists of four songs plus a remix of each, but the variations in tone, tempo and rhythm are so slight that they might as well be one and the same flow. The only thing that stands out a little bit are the female vocals in “Your Eyes are burning”, but the album on the whole is simply too monotonous for my taste. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a backdrop for a summer terrace or a health food shop, but if I want atmospheric music from Iceland on my home stereo, I still prefer Dynfari or Auðn…

Tina Solda

Tina Solda

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