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What could be more relaxing than a few bears and a nice, long sauna?The Finnish Seaman´s church, that besides being a concentional church, also has a supermarket, alcohol and a sauna, makes it possible…
The breed of sauna rockers is increasing steadiliy. We present them to you exclusively. This time: The hardcore band Strapt from Venice.

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Who would be your favourite sauna partner?
Katsumi: Just alone. Because in Japan there´s separate sauna for men and women.

I heard you can not go in a sauna if you have tattoos in Japan?!
Katsumi: No, we can not.
Big J: I can, right?
Katsumi: No, you can not.
Big J: Why not?
Katsumi: Because you have tattoos.
Big J: Why?
Katsumi: Because of the Jakuza. That´s why they don´t allow tattoos in the sauna. But Jakuzas like the sauna, but as they can not go there, they have their own sauna, I think.
Big J: Jakuza-sauna?
Katsumi: Jakuza-sauna. You can go there.
Big J: Then I go in the Jakuza-sauna.


So what is the perfect sauna drink for you?
Big J: Three naked women and me.

Sauna drink?!
Big J: Ah, sauna drink. I think water is wonderful for me. My all-time favourite drink anywhere.
Katsumi: Yes, I think water is best, but I like diet-coke. I think I lost weight on this tour. As I change my weight, I change my food.
Big J: He doesn´t want to be fat like me, because in the Japanese culture you have to be very skinny. That´s the reason why they are so small.
Katsumi: Strapt is a fat band.
Big J: We are a fat band?
Katsumi: Yes.
Big J: Right, now we are.

Sauna without a cold shower is like sex without…
Big J: A cigarette?!
Kasumi: Susana.


Imagine that you can not open the door. So what would you do?
Big J: I am a big man, so I know how to open a door.
Katsumi: No opening means it´s closed?
Big J: Yes, locked. You can not go out, so what would you do?
Katsumi: I go home.
Big J: We can not go home, because we can not open the door.!
Katsumi: Ah. I thought I can not go in the sauna.
Big J: No, you can not go out of the sauna.
Katsumi: Then I´d try to break the door.

Witch is you favourite sauna infusion?
Big J: I think watermelon. Beer doesn´t smell like fresh bread, it just smells like hot beer.
Katsumi: I think we use just water in Japan.
Big J: I think pineapple smells very good.

What do you think about sex in a sauna?
Big J: Sex in a sauna? I have not have sex in a sauna yet. I have only been in a sauna three times in my life, so… I think it would be very hot and sweaty.
Katsumi: I can not stay long in a sauna. I have to go out after five or ten minutes, take a cold shower and then come back.

Separate sauna for men and women or mixed ones?
Katsumi: Separate is normal in Japan.
Big J: Together. Together, I say!

What is your greatest sauna memory?
Big J: This is a great memory for me. When I leave here, this will be the greatest memory I have. This Finnish sauna in a church. What is your greatest memory of sauna, Katsumi?
Katsumi: Nothing.


What would you ask George W. Bush if you met him in a sauna?
Katsumi: I have a language problem. I can not speak English very well. If he can speak Japanese, we can have a conversation.
Big J: Just one question.
Katsumi: I would ask him if the movie, Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, is true or not.
Big J: I´d ask him to spell potato.

When was the last time you were blushing?
Katsumi: Last night.
Big J: Last night you blushed?
Katsumi: Yes I think so. Because we played hard I sweat a lot.
Big J: Not like that. It´s when your cheeks turn red when you are embarassed. Not when you was on stage, no.
Katsumi: Maybe now!
Big J: I can not remember the last time I blushed. I don´t know, I really can´t remember. Maybe the first time I smoked crack, I blushed.

Have you ever had a stalker experience?
Big J: Well, girls never bother me. It´s mostly the dudes. When they drink, they want to talk for a long time about the band and everything. There was a stinky girl who followed me for a day. And after this day she followed Katsumi for a day. I think the German women smell a little bit more than the women from America. I think maybe they work harder.
Katsumi: There was a small sauna in the hotel and there was a guy in a tight bikini and he sat down close next to me. He asked me :“Nothing under the towel?”.
Big J: I´m waiting for a woman who would stalk me.

Author: Otto Normali, photos: Samira Alinto, translation: Sandy Mahrer

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